Where do I start with Japanese skincare?

Where do I start with Japanese skincare?

Japanese skincare continues to be some of the most advanced and innovative beauty products on the market. They utilise new technologies and really focus on the science of formulation to deliver truly amazing products.

And they're generally pretty affordable too!

1. Japanese Lotions

These lotions are more like our hydrating toners but they do have a huge variety of textures to choose from. Some are very water-like while others can be thicker and milky. They all deliver hydration but some are specifically made to target fine lines and wrinkles or discolouration.

Hyaluronic Acid is in everything now but Japan was using multiple forms of HA in $20 lotions since the early 2000's. Those types of ingredients cost hundreds in Australia at that time, if they even existed.

 Simply apply these lotions to clean skin by patting them directly into the skin. Layer them up if you wish and then continue with serums and creams.

I personally barely use serums anymore because these lotions give better hydration and are much more affordable.

For Beginners

For Brightening
Melano CC Brightening Lotion

For Dry Skin
Hada Labo Premium Lotion

For Oily Skin


2. Quasi Drug Skincare


The Japanese take consumer protections very seriously and this includes cosmetic claims. If a product uses a certain amount of an active ingredient or make claims to help with discolouration or acne, they need to approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

They need to prove that the product actually works and does what it claims before it can be sold. The products also need to be safe for the consumer and meet certain requirements for the formulation.

Overall, this give me a lot of comfort to know that the product is likely very effective and skin safe. There are a lot of brightening products with strong, cult followings and are usually under $40.


For Dark Spot Treatment
MELANO CC Premium Essence

For Maintaining Bright Skin
HADA LABO Shirojyun Lotion

For Dull Skin
MELANO CC Brightening Gel
For Sun Damaged Skin
HADA LABO SHirojyun Cream


 3. Masking


Korean Sheet Masks are always a favourite for beauty lovers but the Japanese versions also pack a punch. Generally the Japanese Sheet Mask are SUPER hydrating and use the same amazing ingredients you find in the rest of their skincare.

They often use a lot of fruit and plant extracts alongside very nourishing and hydrating ingredients. This is excellent for dry, irritated or sensitive skin types and are a favourite for so many.


For A Pick-Me-Up
MOMO Puri Peach Jelly Mask

For The Ultimate Moisture
KEANA Rice Mask

For Acne and Blackheads
MOMO PURI Bubble Mask
For Nourishment
LULULUN Deep Blue Mask


Japanese Skincare has an amazing reputation for high quality, affordable products that will not disappoint. They have something for everyone and are many beauty lovers go-to brands.

Still not sure where to start? Just send me a little message on Facebook, Instagram or by email and I'll be happy to help you out!

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