Where Do I Start With Korean Skincare?

Where Do I Start With Korean Skincare?

There's about a million different Korean brands all with dozens of products that seem completely different to what our mums had in their bathroom. I know it can be overwhelming to jump into Kbeauty.

Luckily, it's much simpler than it appears and Korean skincare is generally pretty fool proof.

1. Oil Cleansing

Oil and Balm cleansers are an essential part of any Kbeauty routine. These amazing products melt away makeup, dirt and oil from the skin with ease. No scrubbing or irritation trying to get off that longwear foundation.

Korean Oils and Balms are expertly formulated to leave zero residue on the skin, so no risk of breakouts or irritation! You can also follow up with a second cleanse if you feel like there's still some makeup or oil left behind.

These cleanser are essential for makeup wearers and I highly recommend them to acne prone skin types to help keep pores clear and clean.

For Beginners
Banila Co Original Balm Cleanser

For Sensitive Skin
iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil

For Acne
Banila Co Pore Balm Cleanser
For Texture
NEOGEN Cicatree Cleansing Oil


2. Maximum Hydration

Hydration is crucial for healthy, glowing skin no matter your skin type. Korean skincare is always made with hydration as a huge priority. There's hydrating toners, nourishing sheet masks and sleeping masks.

You probably won't need all of these all at once but having these in your skincare arsenal is always helpful.

Swap out your tiny, 30ml hyaluronic serum for a much more cost effective hydrating toner. They'll probably do a better job and you might save enough for a mortgage payment... Just apply your new hydrator on clean skin and follow up with a nice moisturiser. Skin is smoother, plumper and so much glowier!

Sleeping masks are another common Kbeauty product but can be confusing to newbies. Think of these as a night cream but without the heavy, oily texture. These are often more of a gel-cream texture and create a moisture barrier without suffocating your skin.

However you choose to hydrate, keep it simple! A $300 seaweed cream is not going to do anything more than a $30 cream. It's just a moisturiser. Find a texture your skin loves and enjoy the glow.

For Acne/Large Pores
Benton BHA Skin Toner

For Overnight Dehydration
Holika Holika Watermelon Sleeping Mask

For Very Dry/Sensitive Skin
Neogen Probiotic mask
For Layering
ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Toner


 3. Lip Care

I don't see people talking about Korean Lip Care as much as they should. Everyone and their goldfish has used the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask but there's so many more amazing lip treatments out there!

Korean Lip Care is exactly that...care. These are made to hydrate and nourish long-term. They provide instant relief, moisture and smooth out dry skin but never leave your lips feeling worse off an hour later.

There's a huge range of lip masks, oils, balms and sticks that all treat your lips with the same nourishment and care as facial skincare. You'll never go back to Burt's Bees again!

For Instant Smoothing
I'M MEME Lip Oil

For Dry, Crusty Lips
LANEIGE Grapefruit Lip Mask

For Moisture With A Little Shimmer
UNLEASHIA Glittery Wave Lip Balm
For Skin Repair
Holika Holika Lip Oil Balm


All in all, you will not be disappointed with Korean Skincare. All of our products at The Meilee have been tried and tested to be skin healthy, affordable and enjoyable to use.

Still not sure where to start? Just send me a little message on Facebook, Instagram or by email and I'll be happy to help you out!

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