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Who's Behind The Meilee?

Hey there!

My name is Jack and everything you see has been created by me. I take the pictures, write the descriptions, designed the entire website (who knew I could learn coding) and I pack every order!

Can’t wait to have a nap but for now it’s just me.

I’ve been a Makeup Artist since I was 16 and during that time I’ve learnt a lot about beauty and the industry. I’ve worked in both retail and as a freelance artist.

Late 2019 I decided I wanted to do something with my life. Plus I love working in my pyjamas, so I saved up all my money and slowly built the brand.

In June 2020, I’m happy to announce that I quit my job (pause for applause) and launched The Meilee. I now focus completely on my Makeup and The Meilee. I’m please to say that both have been growing every month since and I’m so excited to build a community.

So that’s a bit about me, I hope that you enjoy yourself here. Don’t be afraid to contact me because I love hearing from you all!

– Jack