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It smells a little like honey, but I don’t mind it and I don’t like honey. It’s really nice and it’s not addictive like chapstick. Will definitely repurchase


I really love this product. It is really amazing. Would love to buy it again


The oil makes my lips shine and actually hydrates them. It leaves my lips feeling soft en no more little skin crusties!


Stickier than I was expecting when comparing to lip oils I’ve bought previously but super moisturising, and smells amazing too. This is my favourite lip product right now by far!


I’ve only had this oil a few days and I can already see a huge difference in my dry, sensitive lips. The oil doesn’t smell strongly of anything and absorbs quickly so doesn’t feel sticky. Highly recommend

This facial mist is an all-rounder product. You can use this to prep your skin before you apply makeup or as a skin refresher throughout the day when your skin feels dry, parched or hot. This gives you an instant refreshed feeling and will leave skin looking smooth and healthy and dewy.

Love it!

My skin feels so good using this. It's just the right level of moisture. Not too heavy and not too light. I've even taken to using it on my toddler whenever he gets a rash on his face from drooling. It's so gentle on his skin and it's just like, goodbye rash. I've just never used such a nice moisturiser. Highly recommend.

Great exfoliating cleanser

I received a sample of this and was impressed with its exfoliating properties, however I think it worked best as an occasional deep-clean rather than an everyday cleanser for me, kind of like how you’d use an exfoliant once a week. Definitely doesn’t strip my face and I prefer it to the Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce cleanser, which is similar but not as clarifying/gentle in my opinion

New fav moisturiser

This moisturiser has been great for my oily skin — prior to this I was using a heavier moisturiser which clogged my pores, but with this I don’t have that problem and it’s super hydrating. I like that it’s a gel/cream texture but still has oils in it. Also great value for money!

The product makes the lips soft and has a pleasant smell. Gives lips a beautiful shine.

Love it

Love the texture and the scent of this sunscreen. Forever fav!!

love it

This is my favorite proeduct. Need to repurchase it


My friend recommended this for me and now I love this product with affordable price and high quality. I would like to recommend this to everyone out there. When on next sale I will definitely purchase again really worth the price. Especially anyone who have sensitive skin like me can be use too. Don’t miss the good one !! Soothing our face so well…so perfect I really love it surely the best one so far …

Smells delicious

I love the smell of this. It's a very light gel cream and may work if you have oily skin but I would prefer something heavier.

Fav new roller

A great roller for releasing tension in the face after a long day, nice and weighty and cold too. Definitely recommend!

Seems ok but

In the beginning seemed to be working well, however after sometime I started to notice small pimples, which have dissapeared after I stopped using this serum.

Didn't work well for me

I've been using it twice a day since I bought it (at least a couple months) and I haven't seen any improvement in my skincare routine compared to when I didn't have it.
It lasts for a long time, I still have product for quite a while left so that's a plus. Maybe it's just me. Try your luck!


really nice serum that's sort of jelly like and smells amazing, can't wait to use this in my skincare routine

Mild acids

Great toner with a very convenient packaging format!

Good Product

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. There are tweezers to take out the discs. Allergy was not caused. Very gentle cleansing.


I have tried this brand of face wash. I decided to order a try and peeling discs

Super moisturizing mask for healing skin barrier

Below average

Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed with this moisturizer. I was hoping that the hydrating component would be a bit more prominent but I didn't find it did anything for my skin. I will not be repurchasing this cream.


My daughter loved it, will buy again, excellent product

Deep Green Tea Serum - 30ml
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good hydrating serum. Non irritating, but i expected more anti inflammatory benefts.